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Simple Gradebook for teachers to track and manage student progress in one place.

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Unified classrooms for powerful teachers

Create, manage and control multiple classrooms or subjects from one place.

Customizable grade scales

Whether it's points, letter grades, percentages, Rubrics, or Mastery. We help you get grades in the book.

Identify Learning gaps with actionable indicators

Student Progress indicators like On-track, Off-track, and At-risk help teachers to provide personalized learning instruction to students.

Student indicators like On-track, Off track, At risk to identify struggling students easily

Collaborate to make better decisions

Now invite teachers to your classroom to collaborate and manage connected student grading and progress tracking in real-time.

Get a holistic view of every student!

Our instant student analysis allows teachers to easily track student's progress toward mastery in every assessment.

Student analysis report of an individual student

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Redink saves us the hassle of chasing other teachers for data input in mark sheets and the endless manual calculations which are prone to error. Now, we have comprehensive student data at our fingertips.

Kristin Clennon |

Teacher - USA


As a teacher, my goal is to help my students learn and grow. But that can be hard to do if we don't know how they're doing or where they need more support, that's where redink gradebook has helped me understand my student's learning better.

Jennifer Munson |

Teacher - USA


No more spreadsheets or pen and paper to maintain student records. Redink classroom has completely digitized the way we teach.

Robin Rosenberg |

Teacher - Australia

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