Simple Gradebook for Teachers: How to Choose?

Gradebook helps teachers to track students' progress in one place. This blog shows how a teacher should select the right grade book to save time.

Simple Gradebook for Teachers: How to Choose?
Dear teachers, gone are the days of carrying bulky notebooks around and flipping through pages of student scores with so many calculations that used to horrify us.
The digital grade book is designed to help teachers keep track of students progress in one place.
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We all know that grading isn't fun as it seems, but it also hasn't been easy or teacher-friendly. Nowadays, Digital grade books are playing a very major role in reducing teachers' work and helping them to save time for what's more important ie., “Teaching”.
There are so many online grade books for teachers available that help them record the student's assignments, test grades, and progress.
In this blog, I will be showing you the efficient features of a grade book based on our recent app for teachers called Redink Classroom.

Why Digital Gradebook?

A grade book software for teachers automates the tedious manual calculations in their grading process to help them track and monitor their students' academic progress throughout the school year.
The most important question is that what makes a grade book so efficient?
Here are 6 important features that truly make a grade book a best friend to teachers!
  1. Easy to use
  1. Customizable grading
  1. Easy to integrate
  1. Simple Analytics
  1. Secure
  1. Collaboration

Easy to use

By selecting a user-friendly system, teachers can track student progress in the class easily and save time at the same time.
Teachers spend way too much time on teaching and grading that they have no time at school. So, an online gradebook for teachers should obviously help teachers in simplifying their tasks and make it easy for every teacher to use.
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Customizable Grading & Indicators

Every school has a different type of grading system in place. And creative teachers often try experimenting with different grading scales like points, percentages, grades, rubrics, and also metrics and indicators.
Choose a grade book that allows the teachers to choose from a variety of grade scales and also have custom options.
Indicators help teachers to identify struggling students easily to help them with personalized learning methods. So, It is indeed a very important feature to look for when choosing a gradebook software.
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Flexible Mark Conversions

Teachers conduct tests and exams all the time, and mark conversions have been one of the main reasons they had to rely on calculators for the most part. By automating the mark conversions it reduces manual errors and speeds up the grading process.
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Easy to Integrate

Since teachers have already started using multiple online tools and resources in their daily teaching, it is absolutely important to find a grade book that allows integration with their existing tools.
For Example, You may be using an excel sheet or tools like google classroom to record students' scores regularly. What will you do if you want to move to better software?
You cannot re-enter the last 4 months' student data into a new software overnight, right? It's again time-consuming.
That is why you should choose a grading software that allows you to simply integrate and import the data from the old software.

Simple Analytics

Every software has analytics and reports, but if you analyze how many of them make it easy to understand for every type of teacher? Not everyone.
The grade book system helps teachers create reports that will summarize the data they have gathered throughout the year.
So, before getting a grade book software, make sure you see a clear demonstration of the software and check if it is simple and clear to understand. After all, It is you who is going to use it every day.
It should help you analyze your students' performance through every assessment that you conduct.
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Schools are very cautious about the student's information on the internet. Thus, you have to make sure that the privacy & security guidelines for data on the software meet the privacy requirement of your school. It is a simple but very important aspect.


In traditional grade book handling, class teachers have to run between subject teachers to collect student scores within the deadline and submit them to the school admin. Now everything is changed. Anyhow one important feature that is overlooked by most teachers is collaboration.
A grade book software should allow teachers to collaborate and work on students' improvement.

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