Bad Student Behavior - How to manage them effectively

Teachers do have a lot of stories to say about their student's behavior in the classroom. But when it comes to handling them, it always ends in chaos.
Here’s a set of proven strategies that will help teachers mold students' characters and behavior without much effort.
  • How do you set expectations for your students?
  • How often do you correct them?
  • Do you implement positive reinforcement with your students?
  • What type of environment are the students put into?
  • How much do the parents know about their child's behavior?
Whether you agree or not, these make the most of the classroom environment.
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Set clear expectations

I have seen a teacher laugh at a student who did something naughty. But when he did again, he was taken to the principals' office and called the parents.
In the above scenario, just think about the student’s state of mind. He was laughed at the first time but punished for the same act the next. He would be very confused as to, what is right and what is wrong. That is an example of not setting clear expectations for students. It will result in chaos.
  • Setting clear expectations will give them a choice and a responsibility to do what is right on their own.
  • Create learning goals with them and make it enjoyable for them. (Eg: Be on time, hand in assignments on time, help each other, raise your hand before you speak, etc.)

Give immediate corrections

Consider the above story, and imagine what would have happened if the teacher corrected the student the first time. Yes, the scenario would have been completely different. The student would have corrected his mistake the first time.

Small things do make big difference!

Correct the students and give them quiet and quick feedback without making them feel bad. It will help them to reflect on their behavior and also improve their confidence instantly.
Students love when they are appreciated. After all, school is their second home. Even a very small positive praise from teachers can make their day 1000 times better. It also helps them behave better.

Positive Reinforcement

Here are a few ways you can encourage students to improve their classroom behavior
  • Thumbs up, clapping when they answer correctly.
  • Praise them for participating. Especially first-timers.
  • Give candies for good behavior.
  • Activity rewards like 15 minutes of game time before the end of the period.
  • Give them a star or sticker for completion of work or good behavior.
This might seem silly to us, but it means the world to the students. this way, they will be motivated to do better of their own will without compulsion or pressure.

Engage parents for better collaboration

It is a proven fact that students whose parents are involved in their education and welfare are more likely to have higher grades, have better social skills, attend school regularly and also show improved classroom behavior.
Engaging parents has now become very easy using technology in education.
  • Teachers can simply mail parents directly about their student's performance.
  • Use classroom management tools like ClassDojo to track student behavior and at the same time collaborate with parents as well.

Collaborative classroom environment

It is every teacher's responsibility to make the classroom environment lively. It cannot always be about either teaching lessons or writing tests.
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Include collaborative activities to improve students learning capacity and social skills.
Here are a few examples of how we can promote a collaborative and encouraging classroom environment,
  • Group discussions on random topics (Helps them talk about their opinion without judgment).
  • Peer grading (Helps them to correct their mistakes but in a fun way).
  • Problem-solving activities like puzzles and quick quizzes (Improve their memory power).
  • Trust-building activities (Improves student behavior).

Be an example

Nothing is better than being an ideal figure to a student whom they are happy to learn. Try to adhere to the rules and expectations that you set in front of students no matter what. It will not only help students but also you to shine in your profession.
That “Best Teacher” award is not that far!!!